10 Teams that Could Beat Both NSW and QLD

NSW vs. QLD – State of Origin
After putting my sorry self into bed and realising yet again NSW had not stoped the QLD juggernaut from extending their winning streak, it was becoming a real life nightmare. So it was a strange feeling when I put my head on the pillow in 2014 about 8hrs after the final whistle blew and the men in blue were victorious. No I had not gone on a mid week drinking fest, I had actually watched the game in a Dublin pub with about 50 or so other Aussies. Whilst the game may not draw international attention as much as a Superbowl (not yet anyway), it certainly doesn’t mean the hype or drama is any less. As for 2015, the script is yet to be written, but I’ll start it off with a mighty: UP THE BLUES!

…However is this the greatest sporting rivalry today? Take a look at some different love to hate relationships and let us know what should or shouldn’t be there.

England vs. Australia – The Ashes
Oh wasn’t it sweet to watch our men beat the boys (that’s how they played at some stages) from the motherland. It was hard to feel sorry for them at all. This classic clash which dates back to 1882 always brings the best out in the players and manages to toss up some truly incredible moments.


Wallabies vs. All Blacks – The Bledisloe Cup
It would be kind to say The Wallabies have struggled in recent times (since 2002). The All Black’s class is just too good for us, the Kiwi’s skill, strength and stability easily puts us away year after year. Seriously, how old is McCaw? It feels as though he has been around forever.


Australian Diamonds vs. New Zealand Silver Ferns – Netball
These girls always go hard at the contest. It seems the bigger the stakes, the better each team gets. Multiple championship games have been decided by a single goal and at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, Australia were victorious in double extra time.


Melbourne Victory vs. Sydney FC – A-League
On a domestic level these two glamour clubs of Australian football have had an ongoing rivalry since the competition’s inauguration in 2004.

Ford vs. Holden
I’m certainly no V8 Supercars expert and hardly know a single rule. But one thing I do know, is that the feelings between a Holden and Ford fan are fierce.



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