Three Women to one Gallen

Week in week out football games are broadcast around Australia and the players participating in these games are portrayed as soldiers going into a battle of war. Don’t get me wrong, running into the brick wall of Paul Gallen or getting a hefty hip and shoulder from Luke Hodge, wouldn’t tickle in the slightest. But it is not only males who put their bodies on the line for sport. Quite a few feats as of late from Aussie women have been extraordinary to say the least. Broken nose, broken arm, perforated eardrum, take your pick – no problem for our Aussie girls. Georgia Page, an Aussie born, American Rugby 7’s ‘war goddess,’ Chloe Dalton, an Aussie Rugby 7’s professional player and the always loveable surfer Sally Fitzgibbons each have superhero chromosomes or an extremely high pain threshold.

Playing for Lindenwood University in Missouri, Page broke her nose tackling an opposition player, but with no time to contemplate her pain, she was back up almost instantly making another superb tackle soon after. Dlaton, who was a part of the Aussie women’s successful London and Amsterdam Ruby 7’s tournament, played both rounds with a broken arm, after receiving a knock in the warm up to competition. Dalton attributed the pain of constant impacts to plate and screws inserted into her arm when she previously broke her arm in December. Lastly, but certainly not least, during round two of the Fiji Pro, Fitzgibbons was suffering from excruciating pain when she fell heavily on her side. Against medical advice and at a point where most of us would put our feet up and enjoy the lovely surrounds of Fiji after crying for a solid amount of time, Fitzgibbons defied the advice and showed true grit to go on and win in the final round.

All these three women put shame to my pain threshold. I struggle to hold back tears when the following occurs:


When a substance which stings the open wound is introduced into the equation, things just go from bad to worse.

These women truly have taken the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ to a new level.


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