Never Have I Ever

Channel 9 are advertising that tonight is the biggest night of sport EVER, with its line up of EPL football giants Liverpool FC vs Brisbane Roar, The Ashes at Lord’s resuming for day two plus NRL Friday night football Bulldogs vs Eels. You could be mistaken for thinking the broadcaster is slightly delusional. After all it was merely just over a week where sports nuts were salivating by the bucket loads. Let me take you back to July 8th. State of Origin (a nightmare for some), Wimbledon, Le Tour de France, The Ashes opener. Heaven on a stick as far as I’m concerned. Obviously for Channel 9 it’s a close second though to tonight’s line up. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but never have I ever disputed that State of Origin or Wimbledon or Le Tour or The Ashes is inferior to an exhibition football game or Australia’s domestic Rugby League competition.

Continuing on with sensationalism which the media are prone to, reports prior to the beginning of the second Ashes test that our Aussie men were in turmoil was a bit ridiculous for me. How can dropping one bloke who isn’t deemed to be a part of the best 11 and a guy dealing with some heavy stuff away from the game be labelled as turmoil? Last time I checked we did want to win the series.

I must say the images and videos popping up in response to the sad news of Shane Watson’s axing have been quite amusing. Below are a couple of my favourites. I’m not one to wish bad luck upon anyone but Shane Watson’s time in the baggy green has been borderline fraudulent, almost so much so the Australian Government were close to being called in to investigate.



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