Double Trouble

1-1, that’s where it stands for our Aussie men and women’s teams in the fiercely fought Ashes.

While the men play a 5 test series, the women participate in a multi-format series based competition. 2 points for a win in a limited over fixture (3x ODI and 3x T20) and a newly revised 4 points for a win in the sole test match. As the Aussie men bounced back to prolific form and trounced our English foe.

The Southern Stars corrected their shaky top order start from game 1 and found themselves en-route to the third ODI level with their English counterparts. One minor blemish on the victory was Ellyse Perry’s dismissal for 48. C’mon Pez how dare you stop your world record run of six half centuries? .. I would just love to raise the bat one time for 50, even 48 would be nice!

I think the third test at Edgbaston will be very hard mentally for Cook and his men, after such a smashing (there’s no other way to say it) they have to come out all guns blazing. Because the Aussie men will be high on confidence and quick to remind them of their capitulation on Australian soil just a mere 6 months ago.

The Aussie women and lack of Ashes’ triumph away from home is spurring the likes of Blackwell, Perry and Lanning on. If they can use last games victory and put in another good performance, momentum will start to build and it will be critical for taking such an elusive and non-tangible aspect of cricket into the all-important test match.

If you find yourself struggling to listen all about Chris Rogers’ dizzy spell 27 times a day on each media’s sport report due to a lack of cricket action in the long break between Lord’s and Edgbaston tests, Cricket Australia live stream the Southern Star’s games. Give them a look and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Their next game is 26th July. Tweets start around 7:30pm AEST.

Any thoughts about this or ANYTHING sport related? Let us know.


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