Behind Every Man is an Even Stronger Woman

What’s different between now and the 1980’s? Well my parents like to tell me it’s the music, clothes and general life. I don’t know about the music one, Call Me Maybe and Whip It have a good beat to it, absolute classics really!

Even though I wasn’t around back in ‘the good old days’ I do know one thing that certainly has changed – the professionalism of sport.

Athletes used to play 1st grade and work as well to ensure there was bacon at home for the family. They played for the sheer love of the game and the mateship with other individuals. Then gradually, beginning at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, sponsorship, marketing, and advertising crept into it and began what is known and loved by billions around the world, as the sporting industry. The power of money.

Today we see full-time athletes and their strength, skill, ability is testament to their dedication, sacrifice and sheer hard work. However, women’s sport is trapped in a vicious cycle. No money – no media coverage – no full time positions.

Yes, I realise there are some professional women athletes, but they’re a minority, an exception. If given the chance to break free from this cycle, if given the money, given the media coverage, to be full-time athletes’, women’s already superb level of talent will transform into phenomenal skill. Take The Matilda’s for example, such a powerful performance at the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup, they balance their sporting pursuits with employment.


At the moment, women’s sport is the underdog of Australia’s sporting society. However, the giant is stirring.

These sporting brains put it very nicely (note: the first section is related to women in sport, not the full 30 mins).



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