1000 Reasons Lowndsey is King of Mt. Panorama

I know very little about the V8 Supercars in Australia, or even just cars in general – and I say I’m from the country..

The Grand Final of V8’s in Australia’s was held over the weekend and the one thing I do know is if the crowd is solely chanting your name, you must be doing something right! Craig Lowndes won his 6th Bathurst 1000 race paired with Steven Richards who won his 4th title. Watching these mad rev heads scream for ‘Lowndsey’ I concluded that this man is pretty much God in the V8 world. To win a race renowned for physical and mental brutality 6 times must surely place Lowndsey as a modern day great! PLUS, did anybody else just see him casually cruising at 280km with one hand on the steering wheel? Talk about being as cool as a cucumber.

Another extraordinary feat discovered at the conclusion of the race was that the podium finishes all came from outside the starting 10 grids. Something that hasn’t happened since 1987.

My old man was quite impressed with the presentation, short, sweet, straight to the point – how most people like things in life (with some exceptions). All in all, the way the event is broadcast was extraordinary, the helicopter shots over skyline, watching the competitors fly down Conrod Straight, plus seeing inside the brains trust within pit lane is incredible. Some other sports could take note.


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