Sport is No. 1

What a week in sport…

A week ago The Wallabies incredible journey was watched back home with pride (and sleepy eyes). Although the result was not the one we were all looking for, the classy All Blacks were rightfully crowned champions of the gentleman’s sport. The true gentleman within the sporting superstar of Sonny Bill Williams’ was revealed. Fourteen year old Charlie Line ran onto the field during the lap of honour and a security guard, doing his job, tackled Line to the ground. All right in front of Sonny Bill Williams, who without a second thought reached down, picked the boy up, walked him back to the fence and put his medal around Line’s neck – for some extra gentleman points gave Line a hug and high five!

The race that stops a nation and breeds so many incredible stories, produced another gem this week. The whole story, from Stevie the strapper picking barrier 1, when trainer Darren Weir for 1 or 2, Stevie’s last words to his elder sister ‘you better win I’ve got my money on you,’ to Michelle Payne’s history making victory aboard Prince of Penzance. For a country which just loves an underdog, no matter who your money was on, you could not help but smile at what the Prince of Penzance and team had just achieved.

One story, maybe not quite as high profile as the previous two was that of a number 8 batter achieving their high score for Sydney Cricket Club. Scoring a prolific 45 n.o. off 100 balls, an elegant on-drive was arguably shot of the day and the running between wickets was simply marvellous as the great late Richie Benaud would declare! If you have not guess by now, the batter I am referring to myself is me and in actual fact most of the runs were singles, the on-drive was in the air but luckily between two fielders and Benaud would have fallen asleep if watching my innings. But none the less I was as happy as a kid in a lolly shop with the effort. With that score and my previous 0 off 0 balls faced and a 5, my 1st grade average is 50. The greats talk about knowing when the time is right to retire, I think mine is now!

All in all the real winner is sport. Once you cross that line, you give it all you got. No matter the result, you have done all you can. No matter if you play park sport or sell out a stadium, you want to produce a show worthy of greatness, a show where whoever you compete for – yourself, family, friends, pets, a whole nation – they can be proud.

How do you show your sporting greatness to the world?


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