One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Hop for Jacob

I’m not sure if GWS Giants are the first club to do it in the world or even in Australia, however the decision from their media team to film debutants calling their parents on loud speaker is unprecedented access and something one can’t help watch without a smile. Parents are simultaneously the debutant’s biggest fan and harshest critic. It allows the fans of the team, the league and sporting fans in general to be immersed in this ‘inner-sanctum’ experience terrifically.

Personally the fact Jacob, a local Riverina boy, had to tell his mum Deanna and dad James on separate phone calls to not swear was just a little humorous. Gotta love those wonderful country people! Jacob’s dream will come true when he runs out onto Spotless stadium for GWS Giants against Gold Coast tomorrow.

In a world where items are consumed and tossed out so easily, this inner sanctum practice will become the norm and an expectation of fans, so I for one can’t wait to see what the media teams think up next!

Congratulations Jacob, go well and we I look forward to watching you have a great game!


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