Double Trouble

1-1, that’s where it stands for our Aussie men and women’s teams in the fiercely fought Ashes. While the men play a 5 test series, the women participate in a multi-format series based competition. 2 points for a win in a limited over fixture (3x ODI and 3x T20) and a newly revised 4 points […]

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Never Have I Ever

Channel 9 are advertising that tonight is the biggest night of sport EVER, with its line up of EPL football giants Liverpool FC vs Brisbane Roar, The Ashes at Lord’s resuming for day two plus NRL Friday night football Bulldogs vs Eels. You could be mistaken for thinking the broadcaster is slightly delusional. After all it was […]

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Three Women to one Gallen

Week in week out football games are broadcast around Australia and the players participating in these games are portrayed as soldiers going into a battle of war. Don’t get me wrong, running into the brick wall of Paul Gallen or getting a hefty hip and shoulder from Luke Hodge, wouldn’t tickle in the slightest. But it […]

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